Great teeth thanks to PRODENTAX


I was made aware of you by a friend. We often go for walks together and when she told me that she had changed her dog's food, I became very interested. She told me about Anifit and the additional build-up food she had bought. As soon as I got home, I had a look at the anifit website and read up on it. I quickly realised that this was the food I needed for my dogs. As one of our dogs has a narrow tooth misalignment, I also decided to buy DENTAX. Since my first order, my dog has been getting this enzyme power and I am very satisfied. My dog loves to eat it and I am very happy with the condition of his teeth. I will now buy it again and again because I am totally delighted. Clean teeth are even more important for our dog than for any other dog, because our dog is also an assistance dog. We take our dog everywhere with us and there is nothing worse than a smelly dog's mouth.

We buy it again and again!

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